Import Capex

The Italian company must buy an important plant or machinery from abroad.  What alternatives to classic bank debt (medium term, leasing, etc.)?

Thanks to its rating, the Italian company could finance its investment through an insurance coverage on the deferred payment obtained with the benefit of  significantly improving the company’s working capital and the Net Financial Position.

De facto, the Italian company that makes the investment in Capex is financed by foreign investors

The same scheme could be used by exploiting foreign Export Credit Agencies which, to encourage the export of their customers, grant a ceiling on the risk of the Italian buyer of the plant.

Corbari & International Trade Partners Srl boasts a network of relationships that can be activated with the main foreign Export Credit Agencies and international banks active in this business.

Export Capex

For the management of a contract for the sale of goods or plants, the Italian entrepreneur traditionally turns to the bank to activate the traditional and  ordinary instruments (Sace policy, letter of credit).

Corbari & International Trade Partners is able to offer an advisory that, thanks to the international relations matured, allows the entrepreneur to examine all the real options available on international markets: leasing and operating rental on site, project finance with local banks, equity injection to the buyers, etc.

The advisory of  Corbari & International Partners Srl also covers all technical and negotiation issues both towards the foreign counterparty and with domestic stakeholders (SACE, bank, factoring, etc.) for the minimization of risks and for the achievement of the best conditions in terms of confirmation price, duration of extension, conditions of sale,  Etc

Trading Company

Corbari & International Trade Partners Srl is active in advising the Italian entrepreneur who, after agreeing on the commercial terms of the sale of the plant with the foreign customer, decides to contact a trader.

The trader deals with relations with the buyer in the destination country, payments, shipping and customs practices, relations with banks and insurance companies, relieving the exporter from all these activities.

With this option, the entrepreneur decides to deal exclusively with commercial negotiation, leaving all the execution and collection phases to the trading company, even in the event of insolvencies.


Advisory in bringing Made in Italy  to the world, identifying the ideal outlet markets and tailor-made entry strategies. Support in the analysis of the potential customer / partner / agent and in the realization of the business plan of investments on local markets, with a dedicated financing plan.

The experience of Corbari & International Trade Partners Srl allows the entrepreneur to identify the  most effective counterparties for each individual area of the world, thanks to the network built in twenty years of banking experience.


The non-recourse  disposal of  a short or medium-term credit, or a package of credits, generates immediate liquidity for the Italian company, eliminating any risk towards the counterparty. Our advisory role is to facilitate the scouting and negotiation with forfaiter or banks interested to buy company’s receivables.

International Bonds

Large operations, in sectors with a high content of guarantees (plants, infrastructures, etc.), generate the need for structured operations for the release of international bonds. Possibility to structure pools with a multiplicity of issuers, including Italian and foreign private insurance companies, export credit agencies (eg SACE), international banks not present in Italy

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